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NextGen Best Talk Award

UPDATE 29 September:

Congratulations to Hassan Fakih, PhD Student, McGill University for winning this year's NextGen Best Talk Award! His talk is entitled "Design and Enhanced Gene Silencing Activity of Spherical 2′-Fluoroarabinose Nucleic Acids (FANA-SNAs)" and can be viewed in the online meeting portal.


Help us select the Best Talk Award for the NextGen Session at #OTSVirtual.

A $500 award will be given to the presenter voted for the Best Talk in the NextGen Session. The eligible presentations are available to watch in the online meeting portal and include the "On Demand Short Talks" listed in the agenda of the NextGen Session.  They include the following presenting authors: B. Llamusi, D. Garcia, H. Fakih, C. Barkau, W. Michaels, and J. Centa. Watch the short talk videos, which are all easily accessible through the Agenda tab in the meeting portal, and then cast your vote! Click Here to Vote! All voting must be completed by 10.00 EDT on Tuesday 29 September.

Thank you, 

Erin M. McConnell, PhD & Joseph Ochaba, PhD

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